Wednesday, 25 May 2016

How Cylinder Liner Lubrication Perform Inside Marine Diesel Engine?

Manufacturers producing cylinder liners and sleeves are using two distinct types of lubrication for journal bearings and crosshead bearings employed in marine diesel engines. In this post, engineers will share detailed info about lubrication and will also tell about third interesting type of cylinder liner lubrication.

Piston moves to and fro inside a cylinder and engineers have employed many piston rings inside the grooves on the piston that perform several tasks, including pressure sealing inside the combustion chamber. The speed of rubbing (friction) between the cylinder liner and piston rings is high. Other than this, there are extreme temperature conditions, pressure, and corrosive gases within the combustion chamber to which any lubricating oil between the piston and the liner would be used to.

Marine diesel engine is equipped with several components that are in relative motion that can be different kinds- sliding, rotary, or oscillatory. Lubrication is a critical step to make the performance of the device smoother and prevent wearing of the components and damage.

As there are several rotary parts in every engine including marine diesel engines, it is necessary to take care of the device and its components. Though you cannot eliminate the friction completely, but you can lower the friction level by applying apt lubrication techniques. There are four types of motions occurred in a marine engine and thus lubrication should be done accordingly:
  1. There is rotary motion between specific components like crankshafts, camshaft, etc.
  2. Sliding motion between components like cylinders, piston rings, crosshead guide.
  3. Oscillatory motion between components like rocker arms
  4. Line type of friction between components like chain, meshing gear teeth, sprocket wheels, etc.
In general, lubricating oil used inside the cylinder liner should possess viscosity in the range of 115-150 cst at 50 degrees Celsius. You can add special additives to the oil as it may help in enhancing its viscosity. The supply of oil should be ideal as little amount of oil will cause the tear of surfaces and excess of oil will cause damage to various parts, like valve seats, valves, and the exhaust pipes.

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