Thursday, 4 June 2015

Automobile Parts Businesses In India Growing- What’s The Reason Behind It?

Indian automobile parts market is getting strong each day; annual survey report claims the fact is true. The push in the automotive spare parts business is expected to rise with vehicles demand and sale. As most of the dealers ramp up their inventories of vehicles, they should seek for extra parts to service those automotives. Still some of the small scale businesses look after the ways to enhance their product sales and business growth. In this post, experts will going to share some tricks to grow automotive spare parts business in India.

     1.Analyzing The Market

Make a list of new and used car dealers in your town and also include independent auto repair shops and local fleet maintenance facilities. Analyze the market properly because proper data and information will help you in representing your potential auto parts market.

    2.Don’t Forget The Names Of Your Competitors

Make a list of your competitors- you can count auto parts chain stores and independent exporters and suppliers in the list. If a national chain owns four local shops, list all four retail shops. Don’t forget to add auto parts department at big stores because a customer can buy any basic supply or part from there. Once you are done with list making, determine any special discounts provided by them or incentive program introduced by each supplier. These are the tricks that really work in businesses.

    3.Design A Specialty Parts Niche

Analyze and examine your information about all your rivals in the specialty markets. Check for the information gap, determine the unfilled niche, stock few niche auto parts and test-market to those owners. You can promote or publicize your classic auto parts or advertise them on websites where you can get relevant buyers.

    4.Win Customer Loyalty

Offer your customers a ‘frequent customer card’ to retail clients who have shopped parts within past year. Create online surveys that will let you know about their likes, dislikes, preferences, and desires. It will help you in offering them the expected deals and products.

    5.Visit Service Departments More Often

By making personal visits at new and used car dealers and meeting service managers, you can have opportunity to introduce your products to them. Try to offer free delivery and discounts as much as possible. People find it hard to say ‘no’ to great feasible deals.

In this way, you can grow your automobile parts business in India and reap major profit margins.

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