Thursday, 27 March 2014

Combustion Engines hold its longevity to Piston Pins

All about a piston pin

Regarded as a crucial component for every historic and modern car engine, piston pins provide an unbelievably tough life to combustion engines. It is a link amid the piston as well as the connecting rod. Owing to the fluctuating movement of a piston along with the interface of inertial forces and gas, these are subjected to extreme loads in an alternating direction. 

A piston pin is also known as a wrist pin or gudgeon pin and is basically used for securely fastening a piston with a connecting rod, while permitting ample play to connecting rods for free angular movements in compliance with the needs of the kinematics of an engine assembly. These pins are crucial for a smooth and trouble-free functioning of an engine and thereby ensuring its longer life. Piston pins are generally hollow cylinders developed with special alloy steel possessing hard and highly polished outer surface allowing it to put up with wear and tear owing to the movement of the piston shafts. 

A piston pin is made available in a plethora of types namely diesel engine piston pins, petrol engine piston pin, gas engine piston pin, alloy steel piston pin and automotive piston pin.

Functional Areas 

This mechanical device is a crucial auto part which is perfectly suitable to be utilized in;
·        Petrol, Diesel and Gas Engines
·        Gas and Air Compressors
·        Automobiles
·        LMV and HMV Tractors
·        Heavy Earth Movers
·        Pumps
·        Pneumatic cylinders 

Semi-floating Vs Full floating piston pins 

A piston pin is classified into two forms namely semi-floating and full floating. If the pin is locked to a piston boss or the connecting rod, it is referred as semi-floating. Whereas when the pins are free to spin on the connecting rod bushing and piston bosses, it is referred as full floating. Here the pins are prevented to move outside the pistons and negating the wall of the cylinder with the help of a retaining spring lock. These are particularly manufactured from steel and possess utmost smooth finish for reducing friction. 

Striking attributes of piston pins

To function unfailingly under the stresses and loads, a piston pin offers multiple benefits:
·        High fatigue threshold
·        Strength, rigidity and durability
·        Cost-effective production
·        Superior surface finishes for fine bearing characteristics surrounding the piston assembly
·        Light weight for keeping the inertia force to a minimum
·        Resistance to corrosion
·        Lasting performance
·        Super-finished
·        Easy installation
·        Low maintenance
·        High tensile strength
·        Rust proof 

It is highly imperative to take every engine problem seriously. This makes pistons pins a critical component which renders effective services for optimum performance of the engines.


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