Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Importance Of Cast Iron Bar In Industrial Terms

A variety of factors in combination with the right choice of cutting tools and metals creates a remarkable impact on the various processing methods and costing. The products in the form of Cast Iron Bar are the outcome of a well defined and meticulous process which ensures the product to be defect free. The wide availability of such products in different grades is suited for use in various applications. Such products are wear resistant, cost efficient and are highly durable in the long run. These have been in great demand in the marketplace in both the domestic and international platforms. They offer options of being customized in assorted shapes and grades as per the specifications required by the customers.

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Cast Iron Bar

With the cutting edge technology, Cast Iron Bar enhances the performance and are assistance to new products and machinery applications. Such bars are produced in squares, rectangles and rounds in standard forms. The properties of cast iron are controlled by the foundry parameters like the basic chemistry, inoculation, solidification rate and the rate of cooling. These basic variables are the ones on which the tensile strength or the ductility of the cast iron depends. Cast iron has been a huge success in the Auto parts and industrial business. The bars are manufactured and certified as they are in compliance with the international standards.

Salient features of Cast Iron Bar:-
  • Cost effective
  • Light in weight
  • Highly durable
  • High wear resistance
  • Perfect finishes
  • Reduced scrap

CI Bar-Cast Iron Bar India
The high tech metal products are precision engineered to attain optimum performance and supreme quality. The iron bars consist of graphite nodules which improve their mechanical properties and offers excellent machining characteristics. The accurate dimensions and high tolerance add to their benefit. Such metal bars offer numerous cost saving advantages which are being exploited for the production of metal components.  Their specifications are taken care of as per the grade of metal being used. The use of cast iron bar has been an influential factor and an important one when considered for industrial machining purposes in this competitive age. Their popularity has gained momentum in recent times and this has been an advantage for the Auto Parts Manufacturing Companies.


  1. The main advantage of cast iron in automotive industry involves in stamping process with high wear resistance and excellent noise and vibration damping to manufacture suitable gears and break discs for the industrial needs. Manufacturing companies are utilizing the benefits of cast iron Metal Components.

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